Our history:

Welcome to Berlin Equestrian Club (BEC), an equestrian brand that brings together passion, innovation and stylish performance in equestrian sports. The roots of BEC lie in the vision of Kristina Lübbe, who has been active in equestrian sport for over 25 years. Her dream was to create a brand that not only offers technically outstanding riding clothing, but also emphasizes the unique connection between rider and horse with a touch of elegance and style.

Our philosophy:

At BEC we understand that riding clothing is more than just functional. Our products are an expression of individuality and passion for equestrian sport. Each piece has been carefully designed to not only enable the highest performance in the saddle, but also to embody a unique style.

Our special features:

Our beliefs are reflected in every detail of our collection. BEC represents a new era of riding clothing:

  • Highest performance: Our designs are designed to not only meet the demands of equestrian sport, but also to take performance in the saddle to a new level.

  • Fashionable functionality: BEC combines style and functionality in a harmonious unit. Each product is designed with an eye for fashion details without losing sight of crucial functionality for riders.

  • Unique style: Our range is characterized by timeless elegance and a unique style. We understand that riding clothing should not only be functional but also an extension of each rider's personality.

  • Community and passion: BEC stands for more than just clothing. We create a community of like-minded people who share a passion for equestrian sports. This isn't just about products; it's about being part of a movement that takes equestrian sport to a new level.

Kristina Lübbe and the BEC team share enthusiasm for equestrian sport and the pursuit of excellence. Welcome to Berlin Equestrian Club - where riding clothing is not just functional, but an expression of style, elegance and unbridled passion for equestrian sport.