by Kristina Lübbe

Health and fitness for riders

Riding alone is not enough to train coordination, mobility, enduran...
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A safe ride requires a well-trained and fit horse, but the rider must also do his part. Only a trained rider with good body awareness can optimally influence his horse and provide him with appropriate support in every situation. Good coordination results in a balanced fit and enables precise impact in the right place. Good mobility ensures that the rider can adapt smoothly to every movement of his horse. Last but not least, endurance and strength contribute to the rider being able to complete his test with high concentration and safety until the end.

Riding alone is not enough to train coordination, mobility, endurance and strength. If you want to be on the safe side – and improve your performance – you should incorporate accompanying balance or athletic training into your everyday life. You don't necessarily have to go to the gym to do this: suitable workouts for riders are available online. They offer the opportunity to be active at any time and wherever it suits you.

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